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Between The Posts: Changing The Culture

The Titans are embarking on a new era.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Its been a long time since the Tennessee Titans have tasted playoff football (2008), and much has changed with the team since then. The team is now embarking on a new "era" with Marcus Mariota at the helm. But surrounding him is a team who, aside from a few free agents, have not tasted success, and have not been on winning teams since they entered the league.

To change their fortunes, the Titans have remade themselves from the front office to the roster, and a major cultural change needs to accompany that if the results are to be seen on the gridiron. Hopefully the duo of Ray Horton and Dick LeBeau can give the Titans back the defensive grittiness that made them special in their heyday. The rest is up to Marcus Mariota and Ken Whisenhunt, as scary as that may seem.

If the Titans are going to become a winning squad again, its going to take more than simply roster changes. Its going to take the adoption of a winning attitude.