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Titans have 2 of Pro Football Focus's Top 10 Offensive Undrafted Free Agents

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus put out there top 10 undrafted free agents around the league, and the Tennessee Titans had two guys on the list.  The first was fullback Connor Neighbors, FB, LSU.  Here is what they had to say about Neighbors:

He didn’t offer anything with the ball in hand so why would this fullback be on any team’s radar? Well it’s because he’s a punishing lead blocker. He only featured on 327 snaps for LSU but that was all it took to post the second-highest run blocking grade of all draft-eligible fullbacks. The only thing I don’t like about Neighbors is where he’s ended up because it’s hard to see the team keeping him on the roster when they spent a fourth-round pick on Jalston Fowler.

The last sentence is the key there to me. If the Titans are really planning on running an offense out there that is fullback heavy, then Neighbors would be a valuable guy to have on the practice squad in the even that Fowler gets hurt.

The second guy PFF talked about was Josue Matias, G, Florida State. There comments:

On tape was, to us, more impressive than fourth-rounder Tre Jackson. Like Jasperse, frustrated us with too many penalties, but knows how to use his length to compensate for less than ideal strength. Keen blocker at the second level who had the 12th-highest production grade against Power 5 opposition despite the penalty count.

He will be an interesting guy to watch in camp. The Titans don't have a lot of depth on the offensive line, so Matias can win a spot on this roster with a good camp.