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MCM Radio: Dawn Of A New Day For The Tennessee Titans

Live tonight at 8:00 Central!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that went exactly as we predicted.... in a draft that seemed full of defensive studs, the Titans walked away with a king's ransom of offensive talent. While the picks might not have gone exactly how we speculated they might, it's pretty clear that Webster and Whiz entered the draft period with a plan and stuck to it.

On tonight's edition of MCM Radio hosts August West and Danomite will recap the entire Titans draft and examine just what it means for the 2015 season. Expect lots of talk about Mariota, DGB and the rest of our new-look offense, plus much more!

We'll be going live tonight at 8:00 central, so be sure to tune into the live show to join in the chatroom, then get the podcast version for our exclusive bonus time discussion!