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Tennessee Titans News Links: Facelift

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On the Titans Caravan day 3, Orakpo, Griffin and Jason McCourty went out and about meeting fans. Here is a little behind the scenes at Ft. Campbell Military base.

Lewan, Searcy, and Hill were the players that went around on Monday. Lewan is always a great interview and I really enjoyed hearing from Searcy. Here is a little look behind the scenes from day 2.

Brian Orakpo says that to him, drafting Marcus Mariota was a "no brainer." I'm sure he understands the difficulties of defending against such a dynamic QB.

Jason McCourty talks about being back in the building and how he liked the draft.

Gramsey's favorite Titan, Michael Griffin talks about how great it is to be on the Titans Caravan, talking to fans. I love how he isn't happy with Kiper picking them to finish with the worst record in football. We give Michael a lot of crap, but he's really great.

Marcus Mariota is super marketable and the Titans are taking full advantage of that.

Shonn Greene is not at OTAs due to a family member. I don't think it is a leap of faith to say he will not make the team this year with the additions of Fowler, Cobb, and the hopeful emergence of Antonio Andrews.

Titans are dead last in the NFL Power Rankings. Oh well.

Climer writes that the Titans are smart to go all in on Mariota. While I thought he was talking about the draft, he talks about announcing him as the starter immediately. Personally I think both are smart. They put Marcus in the best position to succeed by drafting around him.

BUZZ. Marcus brings it. Through free agency and the draft, the Titans have done a major facelift on this organization. Bringing in a recognizable name like Orakpo in FA and guys who should be very solid, above average starters in Searcy and Cox. Add in valuable role players like Fasano, Douglas, and Nicks and the Titans had a very good free agency. Then in the draft they bring in marketable Mariota and another guy with All-Pro potential in Dorial Green-Beckham. Drafting guys to give this team an identity (Cobb, Fowler, Potassium, Gallik) and guys with future starting potential (aforementioned and Mount) and then a very polished 7th rounder who should push to start by at least midseason, and you have a team that was formerly devoid of talent on the fast track to success.