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Tennessee Titans News Links: CALL LA'EL

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Ruston's number 1 priority today needs to be to call La'el Collins, and get him to sign a UDFA contract with the Titans.Right now the competition for the RT spot is between Stingily, Bell, and Potassium. Not knocking any of those guys but La'el is worlds better than all of them. He is a legitimate top 15 talent and would give the Titans 3 top 15 talents from this past draft class (Marcus, Dorial, and La'el). La'el would also give the Titans a pair of bookend tackles for the first time, well, since Roos and Stewart and could be dominant for the next 10-15 years. This would also allow Potassium battle with Levitre, Spain, and the kid from FSU for the LG spot. Potassium projects better to guard than he does tackle FWIW.

Lewan says Mett is going to be ready to battle it out with Marcus Mariota for the starting job.

Speaking of Marcus, Roger Goodell called him after butchering his name on national television.

With the additions of Potassium, Fowler, and Cobb, the Titans run game should have a lot more power to it.

Behind the Scenes, 100 Days to the draft with Mike Keith. Great watch.

If you want to watch a bunch of guys sit in a semi circle and talk about things they have no idea about, watch this video. Very lazy analysis.

Quote of the Day: "Marcus is going to be here for a very long time." -Ruston Webster