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Between The Posts: Turning The Corner

Have the Titans changed the balance of power in the AFC South?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have ended their period of offseason additions with a pretty solid draft class, including a couple of impressive late round picks and UDFA's. While we will obviously need to see these guys on the field before we jump to conclusions, it's nice to see the team go out and get exactly what they needed. There was a cohesive plan in their approach to this draft, and that is a comforting grain of salt to cling to.

I will leave my thoughts on Mariota to a later, more in-depth post, especially since he's been the most discussed name in Nashville since the end of last week (and before).  But the DGB selection, from a talent evaluation anyway, was a home run. The team added some very solid pieces in Fowler, Cobb, McBride, and undrafted DB Cody Prewit. Also of note were the additions of Derrick Lott (DT) and Quinton Spain (OG), who were relatively high on some draft boards. Blackson and Poutasi were less inspiring selections, but I look forward to seeing them compete in training camp as well, and there is some qualities to like in those two as well.

While it's too early to predict any sort of massive turnaround, I think the Titans are headed in the right direction, with drafts that surpassed those of their AFC South counterparts. We'll see how it plays, but there is a lot to like in Nashville right now.