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Tennessee Titans News Links: Swooning

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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No that isn't just me swooning over new Titans' QB Marcus Mariota (that feels fantastic to type), I'm swooning over the entire draft class the Titans had.

Marcus Mariota: Best QB in the draft, did NOT play in an offense in college that isn't relatable to the pros. He will fit in very well with some of the things Whiz wants to run, and Whiz has already said he will incorporate some elements to highlight the skill set of the new signal caller. Read that as putting in some read option. People who have concerns that he is a running QB, DO NOT FRET. The plays where he runs are designed runs. When the play is a called pass, he drops back, goes through his reads, once, twice, three times at points, and mitigates negative plays. The two skills are exclusive to one another, although his movement skills aid him obviously in both aspects. The rest of this draft was to help Marcus out as much as possible, and boy did they ever do that.

Hype meter after this pick: OFF THE CHARTS

Dorial Green-Beckham: If he didn't have off the field problems, DGB would have been my WR 1B along with Amari Cooper. He is a freak of nature, great hands, doesn't play soft and doesn't get re-routed, although someone might have tried to steer you wrong on that. Something he needs to work on is obviously expanding his route tree, but that is something he said he worked on all year at Oklahoma. Speaking of which, Bob Stoops had to keep him out of some drills at practice because he was embarrassing the defensive backs. I really believe the worst of DGB's past is behind him. He knows he doesn't have a whole lot besides football (he's said as much), and he's not going to make some kinds of ridiculous mistake and put that in jeopardy. He has the chance to escape the past and write a new future for himself. I think he makes it.

Additional Note: Trading pick 33 and still getting DGB as well as Fowler and McBride was a great move for Webster.


Jeremiah Poutasi: I had literally never heard of this guy, but all I heard after we picked him were good things. He's a big mean fighting machine. At 6'5 335 lbs, he's a load, and he played pretty well at LT despite playing out of position. He's versatile and can play RT or G for us in a pinch, and might be the guy who wins the RT job or the guy who puts Andy Levitre on the street. Helps with competition immensely and was the best non-injured or non-La'el offensive lineman available. I think this pick would have been Havenstein had he not been picked by the Rams.

NOTE: This is the last time I will ever type his actual name. From now on his name is Potassium, because that is what I think his name is every time I see it. Sorry if you're reading this, Potassium, but this is just the way it is going to be.

Hype Meter: Whelmed at first (not over or underwhelmed), and I am still content with this pick. Not flashy, but much needed.

Antonio Blackson: This was the one pick I didn't like at all. Thought we reached on him, but the NFL Network guys said that NFL personnel was much higher than him than the media and general public. Had something like 12 or 13 tackles last year, 5.5 tackles for a loss and 6 missed tackles. Not great numbers.

Hype Meter: Underwhelmed

Jalston Fowler: LOVE THIS PICK. Yes, he's a FB, but he can also run the ball (6 something YPC at Bama), and catch out of the back field. Terrific blocker, can play a bit of the TE role also. This guy is just a football player and he is going to make Sankey, Cobb, and the rest of our offense that much better. Plus, we get to say goodbye to Jackie Battle and that is just terrific. People want hard-nosed running, and Fowler is going to allow us to smash teams right in their mouth.


David Cobb: Great pick at good value. Cobb reminds me a ton of Stevan Ridley in the best way. He's a big bruising back with really good feet. his 40 time wasn't great but he had an injury when he clocked that time. Perfect complement to Sankey and a guy that is going to pound the ball and rip off some long runs. Again, this is a guy who lets us wear down some defenses in the run game. People will not want to tackle this guy, and Fowler is going to be a big part of that.


Deiontrez Mount: Super raw, super strong pass rusher. This is the perfect developmental guy to have behind Orakpo and Morgan. He is fast as heck, and his upper strength is unreal. Right now he is mostly a speed rusher, but he has all the tools to develop into a heck of an OLB. This guy could push for the #3 OLB job and he and Massaquoi give us two intriguing projects. Let Mount add some lower body strength and he could be an absolute steal in the 6th round. Josh Norris loves Mount and had him as a top 100 player. Good get in the 6th round.


Andy Gallik: What is not to like about Gallik. Some draftniks had this as their #1 overall center and we get him in the 6th. Started every game of his collegiate career and never got injured. Guy is just a football player. This is another plain ole good pick from a football standpoint, and he should push Schwenke for the starting job and at least gives us good depth at the position.

Hype Meter: I am so happy right now.

Tre McBride: CHERRY ON THE FREAKING TOP. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS PICK?????? Ruston knocks it out of the ballpark with this pick. McBride, a top 100 player went to Division I-AA school, William and Mary and played lights out. His QB play was not very good, but he runs great routes, plays the ball very well in the air and has glue hands. Nervous yet, Justin Hunter? McBride can play inside or out and will definitely push to get a lot of playing time this year. Huge chip on this kid's shoulder, and one of my favorite picks. Watch out NFL. Tre McBride highlight video. MUST WATCH.

Hype Meter: HYPE COMA

Overall, I thought this was a great draft and potentially a franchise changing one. If they hit on Mariota and DGB alone, it'll be a massive success. I think these guys will all be major contributors, and Andy Gallik might end up being the only one not getting a good amount of snaps should Schwenke beat him out.

Undrafted Free Agents: Guys I like include Prewitt, Lott, Riggs, Spain (watch out Levitre), and Lucas Vincent (he honestly could beat out SLH and Woodz).

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Quote of the Day: "Pressure to me is when you're not prepared." -Marcus Mariota