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Tennessee Titans cutting room floor: Safeties

I really like this UDFA for the Titans.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

With the first OTAs right around the corner for the Tennessee Titans, it is time to look at narrowing the roster rather than expanding it. The Tennessee Titans are actually a lot deeper with young talent than they have been in the past few years, so this should be a pretty competitive offseason.

Here is a look at one of the positions that was weakest before this offseason: safety.

Michael Griffin- In

For better of worse, Griffin seems to be a leader in the Titans locker room. While his on the field play has been inconsistent, the narrative with him has always been that if he has someone that can play strong safety at a high level next to him, he will be good.

Da'Norris Searcy- In

Speaking of that player, I think Searcy is exactly that caliber of safety. Searcy was an anchor on one of the best defenses in football last year, and if they didn't have to pay Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, and Jerry Hughes all of that money they probably would have made a big play for him.

As it is now, I think Searcy will fit perfectly into LeBeau's scheme and people will be wondering why they haven't heard of him before this year.

Daimion Stafford- In

Talk about a thumper, I don't care if they put Stafford on special teams just get this guy some snaps. While he won't wow anyone in coverage, I would love to see what this coaching staff could do if they could get him in some heavy nickel situations where he was allowed to just pin his ears back and hit someone.

Marqueston Huff- In

Huff isn't a great player, but he offers diversity and can play on all special teams. At the end of the day, you need some people that can do a lot of different things and Huff is the sort of player.

Cody Prewitt- In

Prewitt is one of my favorite players in this draft class for the Titans. I will just post two gifs to try and make my case on why I think he makes this team:

<iframe width="675" height="550" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

<iframe width="675" height="550" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>