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Tennessee Titans cutting room floor: Cornerbacks

How are the Tennessee Titans looking at cornerback?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With the first OTAs right around the corner for the Tennessee Titans, it is time to look at narrowing the roster rather than expanding it. The Tennessee Titans are actually a lot deeper with young talent than they have been in the past few years, so this should be a pretty competitive offseason.

Jason McCourty- In

McCourty had a down year, but it is hard to stand out when everyone else on the field is getting smoked by their assignment. I think McCourty is a very good player, but he become great when you put someone talented across from him.

Perrish Cox- In

The former 49er had a very nice last year in San Francisco where he really showed what he could do in a system with a good supporting cast. Now as the number two corner for the Titans he will have a lighter workload and another strong supporting cast. Hopefully he can emerge as the clear second best corner on this team.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson- In

Apparently the nickel CB for now, Wreh-Wilson is again a starter. I don't like this move, but from a physical standpoint I can understand why he might be more impressive in shells than Coty Sensabaugh who I think is the better overall corner.

Coty Sensabaugh- In

Sensabaugh went from being one of the top slot CBs in the league a few years ago, to a disappointing player who never hit his stride last year. He needs a wake up call, but if he gets right then there is no way that Wreh-Wilson keeps that starting job.

Brandon Harris- In

Harris was an underrated CB last year who was PFF's 10th highest free agent corner in this offseason despite having only 112 snaps in 2014. Harris may be a sneaky player who could steal some playing time, but at worst he is great depth to have.

Everyone else- Out

While Cody Riggs and Curtis Riley are names I hear a lot about as UDFA, I think the cornerback position is actually not as big of a liability as everyone thinks. They don't have a top-end #2 guy yet that is proven, but if Cox is that guy I think everything falls into place very well.