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Tennessee Titans cutting room floor: Defensive Line

Who might not make the opening day roster.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With the first OTAs right around the corner for the Tennessee Titans, it is time to look at narrowing the roster rather than expanding it. The Tennessee Titans are actually a lot deeper with young talent than they have been in the past few years, so this should be a pretty competitive offseason.

Now that the Tennessee Titans have had two offseasons to make the switch to a 3-4, it is time for some of these defensive lineman to show they are versatile or hit the bricks.

Jurrell Casey- In

Blue-chip. Top-two player on the team. Not going anywhere.

Sammie Hill- In

I am a big fan of Sammie Hill. While I said that if the Tennessee Titans had traded down that I would have been in favor of adding Danny Shelton, that doesn't mean that Hill won't do a very good job. He is a load to move in the running game and is deceptively good at getting into the backfield and disrupting when he is asked to.

DaQuan Jones- In I guess

I would have had Jones on the fringe before a few days ago, but after the news that he is now the starting 5-tech I guess there is no getting around it. In all honesty Jones didn't pop off the screen for me last year, but luckily Terry Lambert already got into the nuts and bolts of the players and broke down film of Jones here.

This is what he had to say on the issue:

"Jones has a chance to develop into a nice player, specializing in stuffing the run."

That is just part of his analysis and if you want more check out the link above.

If Terry likes him then I trust his opinion, so maybe I misjudged the former Penn State defensive tackle.

Ropati Pitoitua- In

I have to think that Dick LeBeau is salivating at the frame and potential of RoPo. LeBeau had massive University of Tennessee defensive lineman Daniel McCullers drafted last year, and while the two aren't similar in their styles the theory with taking them is the same. Only a few people on earth have that size AND athletic ability, so you should take them when you get the chance.

Karl Klug- In

The Titans just brought him back for another year so I imagine that he would have to do something terrible to not make the team, and that doesn't sound like something that one of the hardest workers on the field would do.

Al Woods- In

I think Woods is on the ropes here. How many of the same type of guy can you have on the roster? The only reason he makes it is because he has experience in the scheme the Tennessee Titans will be using.

Mike Martin- In

I think this will be a tough call, but he was one of the most active defensive linemen on the team last year. Martin had the fourth most snaps of any defensive lineman on the team, so unless Angelo Blackson blows him out of the water they will keep him.

Angelo Blackson- In

Blackson has a ton of potential and rarely do guys in the fourth round get cut the same year they are signed. He is another huge chess piece for LeBeau to put at 5-tech or NT.

Everyone else- Out

Derrick Lott was a close call, but ultimately I think everyone else on the roster on the DL is gone by the time the season starts. The Titans are already keeping eight DL if this list is correct, which is not a small number for a 3-4 team.