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Which three receivers should start for the Tennessee Titans?

A question that wasn't difficult pre-draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a month ago, the Tennessee Titans starting receivers looked clear. The week 1 starting lineup would be Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter on the outside, and Harry Douglas in the slot unless something crazy happened in camp. However, after a solid draft there are now there are six players who could seriously contend to be one of the three starters at wide receiver.

Here is a look at the candidates.

Kendall Wright

Any list at wide receiver has to include Kendall Wright as either the first or second best option. While Wright hasn't been as dynamic as he did at Baylor, he is a very steady receiver who is creative in the redzone. He is tough, and if he would stop slipping every time he made a cut, he could really be a great receiver.

Dorial Green-Beckham

Easily the most talented receiver on this roster including Kendall Wright. While he has not proven to be an elite talent in the NFL, he was often impossible to cover in college and just physically dominated his opponents. DGB did all of this while he was just a true freshman and sophomore. After sitting out his final year after transferring to Oklahoma, DGB hopes to have a Dez Bryant like comeback where he falls in the draft for reasons he can correct.

It would be hard for me to see an opening day lineup that doesn't feature DGB if everyone is healthy. He is just too big, quick, sure handed, and fast to leave on the bench.

Justin Hunter

Another physical freak, the Tennessee Titans have the potential for a dominant pair of receivers on the outside on par with what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, or what the Atlanta Falcons have in Julio Jones and Roddy White.

If (and it is a HUGE if) Justin Hunter could flip the switch and become more reliable as a pass catcher the wide receiver position would go from a weakness to a massive strength. Maybe improved quarterback play will lead to a better Justin Hunter.

Harry Douglas

While Douglas didn't light up the stat sheet, he was a great #3 guy for the Atlanta Falcons. He can thrive when two better targets take coverage away from the middle of the field, but he is saying that he is ready to prove he can be an outside receiver too. Maybe he and Kendall Wright will both end up battling for the #2/3 wide receiver spot if Justin Hunter can't set himself apart.

Hakeem Nicks

Nicks is a weird player. On one hand, he looked like one of the top-10 receivers in the league when Eli Manning was playing well, but when Manning played poorly and when he was low on the depth chart with Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, he was invisible. There is a lot of Kenny Britt in Hakeem Nicks in my opinion, and it is up to the coaching staff to see which version of Britt/Nicks they have.

Tre McBride

Everyone loves a late round pick. While McBride is a long shot to get on the field as a starter in week one, there are few who doubt his talent. He is a very solid player and he may end up stealing about 300-400 snaps by the end of the year, but he is a player who could be someone I see starting. If he gets chemistry with Marcus Mariota and has sure hands he could push for a job.