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Is Blidi Wreh-Wilson ranked over Coty Sensabaugh for the Tennessee Titans?

Paul Kuharsky dropping some information in his mailbag.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Paul Kuharsky has a mailbag that he does on the weekends, and often times he puts out some really good information. Today was another one of those cases when he was asked about the current depth chart at cornerback.

When asked by Tavares Collins on whether or not Blidi Wreh-Wilson was fighting for a roster spot, this is what Kuharsky had to say:

"No. Jason McCourty, Perrish Cox and Blidi Wreh-Wilson are the team's top three cornerbacks. BWW could go from starter to nickel because of Cox's arrival, but nothing has transpired that could knock him off the roster. And there is no reason for them to give up on him at this stage. I sense Coty Sensabaugh, who'd currently rank fourth, will have to win coaches over, but there is no clear-cut alternative after not drafting a corner."

This came as a shock to me. Coty Sensabaugh has much more experience as the nickel corner than Blidi Wreh-Wilson, which you think would factor into the decision if it was a tie. The bigger question to me is how could it be a tie?

Last year Blidi Wreh-Wilson was arguably the worst starter on a team that won two games. He was consistently burned on deep routes and out of position on short routes. It surprises me that he hasn't been demoted to being a pure special teams player, much less that he is considered to be the likely incumbent at the nickel spot.

While Blidi Wreh-Wilson has all the physical tools to be successful, those just didn't translate to the NFL last year. Maybe he will show some more ability in year two, but I don't know how you can look at 2014 and think that he is one of your three best corners.

Either way, this just highlights the need for cornerback help next year if for no other reason than to keep Blidi Wreh-Wilson one injury away from starting outside.