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2016 NFL Mock Draft Because It's Never Too Early

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We have just spent at least the last 10 months looking at mock drafts (at least that is what it feels like).  That is almost over for a while, but not before we take a look at one for 2016.  One of the most fasicinating things to me about people that do mock drafts for a year out are where they have the team picking.  Dan Kadar has put out his 2016 mock, and he has the Titans with the first overall pick.  I would like to get really mad about him "disrespecting my team," but I wouldn't be shocked if that is what happens.  Hopefully Marcus Mariota will come in and light the world on fire so the Titans won't be in that spot.

Kadar has the Titans take Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State with the first overally pick.  It would make sense that the Titans would go with a defender first next year after spending five of the first six picks on offensive players this year.  Of course we assume Ruston Webster will pick a defensive player first every year, but he never does.  However, Webster might not be the one making the pick in 2016 if the Titans are really bad again.