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2015 NFL Draft: By the Numbers

Which conference led in total picks? Which program had the most picks? Other random draft numbers as well

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is in the books after a relatively calm draft (no blockbuster trades went down as rumored). UDFAs are being or have been signed as well. The Titans have had an interesting draft class, that's for sure (whether that's a good interesting or bad interesting, that's up to you to decide.) Now onto the big statistics from the draft.

Most picks (by conference)

SEC: 54

ACC: 47

Pac-12: 39

Big Ten: 35

Big 12: 25

AAC: 11

MWC: 10

C-USA: 6

MAC: 4

MVC: 4

Most First Round picks

ACC/SEC/Pac-12: 9


The SEC is king once again (tell you something new, right?) The ACC had a very good number of 47 picks, which was good for second best in conference history. If you're a member of the Big 12, I'm worried as the pipeline is closing in a hurry due to a myriad of factors. These factors include that they don't have a conference title game and both conference superpowers being down (Texas and Oklahoma). Which "power" school from a major conference had a slow weekend like Texas last year? Tennessee. The Volunteers did not have anyone drafted for the first time since the Kennedy administration. In fact, the "lesser" Tennessee programs like TSU, Memphis, and UT-C outpaced their bigger counterparts instate.

Funny draft note: The Dolphins selected Bobby McCain from Memphis while they have BRICE McCain still on the roster. And yes, they play the same position. Do they have to have their full names on the jersey or just have first names only?

Florida State led all teams with 11 players drafted and broke the record for most players taken in 3 years with 29. Miami of the early 2000s and USC of the mid 2000s tied with 28 during their reign atop college football. Louisville finished a close second with 10 players drafted, which is a huge credit for current Texas HC Charlie Strong and his player development skills.

Which conferences did the Titans pluck from?

SEC: 2

ACC: 2

Pac-12: 2

Big Ten: 1

Big 12: 1

FCS: 1