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Chance Warmack on stardom's doorstep

I told you he was going to be a stud.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco, who makes Paul Kuharsky look like Captain Sunshine, has put out a list of the 20 players that are onn the doorstep of stardom.  Chance Warmack is one of the players that he listed.  Here is what he had to say about Warmack:

He hasn't quite lived up to expectations his first two seasons. But he has his body in great shape, even though he's heavier, so expect a potential Pro Bowl season. He has the power to be a force in the run game and just needs to improve on his pass protection.

Warmack got a lot better as the 2014 season went on. It took a while for it to click for him, for whatever reason, but it does appear that he has turned the corner. As Prisco mentioned, he has worked hard to get into better shape this offseason: