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Between The Posts: Around The League

Some bonus links and news from around the NFL.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another off-season week day, and it was a relatively slow one in the NFL.

Insider only, but ESPN's Mike Sando delves into the valuation of QB's in today's NFL, and I think it's a pretty interesting read. The fear of being without a viable guy at QB, even if he's maddeningly average, is driving the market through the roof. The upcoming deals for Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are going to be insane. The cap ceiling is going to have to keep increasing in the coming years so that teams can still field a competitive team if they have a QB in place, though I suppose that plays into the whole parity factor...

Colin Kaepernick isn't a particularly tactful guy, apparently.

The Titans AFC South rival Jaguars have put some added pieces in place to aid young QB Blaine Gabbert Blake Bortles, who is fixing issues with his throwing motion. Take that for what it's worth...