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Tennessee Titans cutting room floor: Running backs

Who needs to do a lot in camp to make the 53-man roster.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the first OTAs right around the corner for the Tennessee Titans, it is time to look at narrowing the roster rather than expanding it. The Tennessee Titans are actually a lot deeper with young talent than they have been in the past few years, so this should be a pretty competitive offseason.

This is a look at the current running back situation with predictions if they will make the final 53-man roster.

Bishop Sankey- In

This is a pretty easy one. While Sankey wasn't a stud last year, no one on the offensive side of the ball was (aside from Delanie Walker) mostly due to how many injuries the Titans sustained at the tackle position. Having said that Sankey showed some promise and he has a lot of elements in his game that can be built up to make him a very serviceable back.

David Cobb- In

Another obvious "in" here. Cobb is the perfect compliment to Sankey, and now instead of having three undersized backs and no one to pound the ball inside, the Titans have their "thunder" to accompany their "lightning".

Shonn Greene- Out

Greene has been injured or not productive for his whole career in Tennessee and if Ken Whisenhunt and company are trying to save their jobs then they can't afford for their old, slow, injured, expensive running back to stall out drives. Instead they should look to younger backs to show the team's future potential, all that adds up to Shonn Greene hitting the bricks.

Dexter McCluster- In

McCluster was fun to watch at running back and despite his tweener status I think he makes the cut. McCluster could be very good in the "Danny Woodhead" role for Ken Whisenhunt and now that the team is building around Marcus Mariota screen passes and moveable backs should be more valuable.

Antonio Andrews- Out

I think Andrews ends up back on the practice squad, but he is sneakily an interesting player to watch. If he can step his game up then he could be another inside runner that can get the tough yards.

Jalston Fowler- In

Again, another obvious  inclusion. I think that Fowler will ultimately play fullback and be moved around, but since I am not doing a post like this purely on the fullback position it makes sense to include him here. Fowler should be a big help for Marcus Mariota due to his good coaching in college and his versatility.