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Tennessee Titans News Links: New Dimension

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

David Cobb talks about his first practice as a Titan. I think Cobb will add a whole new dimension to this backfield as a runner who can get those tough yards. He is going to be what they wanted Shonn Greene to be and much more. He needs some work in pass protection but otherwise he's pretty solid all around.

The Titans are somewhere in the middle when it comes to professional sports franchises and the money they spend on players salaries annually. Paris Saint Germain is number one on the list.

New NFL PAT rules should impact linemen more than kickers says the Tennessean.

15 teams got a better offseason grade from ESPN than the Titans. Bill Polian says the TE position for the Titans was not a strength, I really disagree, as the state of the TE position around the league is poor and Delanie Walker is excellent. He isn't Gronk, but there really isn't another Gronk.