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Time for Ken Whisenhunt to Prove His Worth

"Who knows where inspiration comes from. Perhaps it arises from desperation." - Amy Tan

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When a team so aggressively adds to its offense via the draft, all the attention swings to that side of the ball. A new quarterback, new receivers, and several pieces to help the running game all have fans dreaming of an explosive offense.

And with that, the spotlight shifts to Ken Whisenhunt. Make no mistake, a 2-14 season placed Whiz on the hot seat regardless of draft moves. These acquisitions will serve as another test for something the head coach holds near and dear to his heart. Something that will make or break his career here. The System (trademark pending, property of SuperHorn & rothbard).

As criticism increased last year, part of the debate focused on how much of Whiz's prior offensive success was a result of his coaching. We saw The System work in San Diego, Arizona and Pittsburgh, but all those offenses had talent at crucial spots (most importantly at QB).

With so many new players Whisenhunt is hitting the reset button on his offense. Replacing and/or adding so many players indicates that he feels his offense was limited by those on the field in 2014. If his offense fails again, it'll likely cost Whisenhunt his job and be another blow to his reputation.

Part of the challenge will be for Whisenhunt to adapt his offense. Marcus Mariota can fit in the current version of the offense, but there's no doubt his skillset is unique relative to the other QBs on the roster. That means making some tweaks to The System.

To his credit, he's putting out all the right quotes. The good news for Titans fans is that Whiz knows he has to make this offense click. You don't get to call a mulligan two straight years. This should force some changes, and that is oddly comforting going into this season. The System can work with good quarterback play. Tweak it a bit for a unique quarterback like Marcus Mariota and you should be able to get the most out of the schemes and players.