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Between The Posts: Unsigned

The Titans have yet to wrap up their top pick.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are yet to ink rookie QB Marcus Mariota to his first NFL contract. The Titans have made a habit of waiting till the last moment to sign their top picks in recent years, and have been the last to do so on numerous occasions. The 1st and 3rd picks have been signed at this point, and the new CBA basically outlines exactly what contract each pick can command, so there's little if any reason for the delay. In fact, when you look at the chart of first round signings, it's pretty frustrating to be a Titans fan...

The deal will get done, obviously. But it always seems rocky with this front office for whatever reason. Titans fans will be happy once he is officially signed, so they can look forward to training camp without that looming over the proceedings. A rookie RG is one thing, the projected leader of your entire offense is quite clearly another. has an interesting article about how the rookie wage scale works, in case you're interested.

In other news, both Tennessee Titans QB's have dishes named after them...