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Tennessee Titans News Links: Chip on His Shoulder

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

I am so glad the Titans drafted Tre McBride. The kid is going to be dynamite and he is using him being snubbed til the 7th round of the draft as motivation to definitely overachieve in relation to his draft position. I am so amped to watch McBride, DGB and Mariota play on Sundays. They are going to be a dynamic trio on top of what they already have in Kendall Wright and Sankey and Cobb. On defense there are tools to work with in Orakpo, Casey, Morgan, Searcy, McCourty and Cox. Add in young guns in Williamson and Brown and you could have the workings of a good defense as well.

The Titans have signed two players, and one of them is from Nashville. He grew up rooting for the Titans and now he plays for them. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

Paul Kuharsky has details on the story about the Titans consecutive sellout streak and a scalper.