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Tennessee Titans undrafted free agents tracker

An ongoing list of who the Tennessee Titans are bringing in after the draft.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the draft is over (maybe the best one I have seen in the past few years) it is time for the post draft free agency frenzy. This will be an ongoing list of who the Tennessee Titans are bringing in.

After solving a lot of needs in the draft, I think this may be the first time that the Titans finish the draft without a clear need. If there is one, I would say that right tackle is still a question mark and could be potentially upgraded today.

1. Cody Prewitt S, Ole Miss (my 104th overall player)

2. Connor Neighbors FB, LSU (my 227th overall player)

3. Derrick Lott DT, Chattanooga (my 209th overall player)

4. Andrew Turzilli WR, Rutgers (N/R)

5. Cody Riggs CB, Notre Dame (my 203rd overall player)

6. Quinton Spain G, West Virginia (N/R)

7. Toby Johnson DT, Georgia (N/R)

8. J.R. Tavai OLB, USC (208th overall player)

9. Lucas Vincent DL, Mizzou (N/R)

10. Curtis Rikey CB, Fresno State (N/R)

11. Josue Matias OG, FSU (154st overall player)

-A little background on Matias, he was a long-term starter for FSU (43 games) and he was thought very highly of predraft, but he has a medical issue that pushed him out of the draft. Think of him as the guard version of T.J. Clemmings. This is one of the more impressive and notable UDFA who (along with Prewitt) has a good chance to make the team.