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2015 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans Select Andy Gallik

Titans beef up the Offensive Line

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In  unsurprising fashion, the Tennessee Titans decided to draft an offensive player, in Center, Andy Gallik, from Boston College. This pick was acquired months ago from the New England Patriots for Akeem Ayers. Gallik started every game in 2014.

Again, a run game is essential for a rookie quarterback. Also, considering how last season ended with the lack of offensive line depth, you certainly cannot blame the team for wanting to bolster the unit here. While Brian Schwenke is the current starter, and will most likely remain there, putting everyone in a competitive situation following a 2-14 season is good.

Some view Gallik as a player with real upside. Center was not the deepest  position in this year's draft, so he is still somewhat high when it comes to rankings at the position. As a long time starter for Boston college, he could bring character to the team. Overall, not a bad move, and it shows a continued effort to improve the offense.