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Poll: Grade The Titans 6th Round Selections

The Titans doubled down again. How did they do this round?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I liked both of the Titans draft picks in the 6th round. They added depth to outside linebacker, which is very important, especially for a 3-4 defense. Also, they added more competition to the offensive line, which can only help.

Deiontrez Mount is a player that the Titans have liked throughout the process. Like Avery Williamson last year, he was a late round player that you just had a feeling that the Titans were high on. I think that Mount has potential to be an actual contributor to the defense. While he provides depth, I think that as he develops on the field and in the weight room, he can start to work on his power. He has admitted that his speed is the strongest part of his game. I like that the Titans added speed to the edge, because it is not something that is big in Orakpo and Morgan's games. I give this pick a B.

Andy Gallik is someone who can come in an compete for the job at Center. He was a finalist for the Rimington trophy. He also paved the way for Andre Williams, who ran for over 2000 yards in 2013. If he cannot start, the worst case scenario is that the team has solid depth along the line now. It appears that the run game and offensive line is the theme of the draft, which I love for Mariota. I give this pick a B as well.

You get what you get in the sixth round. At this point, it is likely that the team is giving specific scouts or position coaches their pick, based on players that they liked throughout the process. Adding depth is always a plus, especially on the edge, so I am going to give the Titans a B for the sixth round.