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2015 Tennessee Titans Draft: Grade the David Cobb Pick

Titans are re-building the offense. How do you like the pick in round 5?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The selection of David Cobb is my favorite pick of the day. After picking Jalston Fowler in the fourth round, I thought that the Titans were finished in the backfield, and on offense as a whole today. However, Cobb in the fifth round is too good to pass up.

David Cobb is extremely efficient. While some may think "Vanilla," he is a back who moves the chains, rounds hard, and is simply very productive overall. While Shonn Greene may have been that guy in 2009, he simply is not anymore. He is plodding and old. Adding Cobb gives the team what they envisioned with Shonn Greene, and quite possilbly, even more. His style should mesh very well with Bishop Sankey's elusive skillset.

Overall, it is very difficult not to like this pick. Anything that helps Marcus Mariota is a positive. Also, the Titans have not had a good run game since about 2010. This pick serves as an exclamation point when it comes to the team's attempt this weekend to rebuild a running game, and help Marcus Mariota. I give this pick an A. What do you think?