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2015 NFL Draft: Titans Select David Cobb in Round 5

Titans add another player in the backfield

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have added yet another piece on offense. After the Fowler pick last round, it would have been safe to assume that running back was checked off of the list. However, the Titans decided to add another back in David Cobb.

Cobb is a bruiser, and a very effecient back. He runs tough, has great vision, and has no wasted movement. If the Fowler pick did not mean the end of Shonn Greene, this almost certainly does. His style is very similar, except he could very well be an immediate upgrade. As a new, young set of legs, Cobb very well could be an immediate contributor,  especially with Whisenhunt's philosophy.

The theme of this draft is undoubtedly building around Marcus Mariota. Not only that, they have gotten much tougher on offense. Cobb is a bruiser, Poutasi is a mauler, and Fowler is extremely tough as well. There is nothing better than a power running game for a rookie Quarterback. This was an excellent pick by the Titans, especially in round 5.