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Poll: Grade the Titans 4th Round Picks

Angelo Blackson and Jalston Fowler--what do you think?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans had two picks this round. Considering that the Titans had all night to think about two early picks, it is safe to say that these were thought through and and lobbied for in advance by the staff, meaning that the team is very high on them. Word is that running backs coach Sylvester Croom is very high on Jalston Fowler.

The first pick, Angelo Blackson, was somewhat confusing. While it appears that he is a run stopping, rotational defensive lineman, you can't help but wonder if the Titans could have waited on Blackson. That being said, adding a defensive lineman is always a plus. I give this pick a C-.

The next pick, Jalston Fowler was much more intriguing. He is a very versatile piece. He can run, block, and catch. I would not be surprised if he was a core special teams player as well, which cannot be overlooked, especially after last season. This is not the flashiest pick, but Fowler is simply a player you want on your team. I give the Fowler pick a B.

The key to day 3 is to find players that fit specific roles and upgrade the back end of your football team. While I questioned the Blackson selection, Fowler is a player that I like a lot. Overall, for the 4th round, I give the Titans a B-.