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Titans draft picks 2015: Angelo Blackson goes in Round 4

The Titans finally add a defensive player

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

After focusing on offense throughout days 1 and 2 in the NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans finally addressed the defensive side of the ball. It is not necessarily surprising that it took so long for the team to start moving on defense--their free agency period was mainly defense, and Titans brass has said multiple times now that the plan was to hit on offense.

However, adding Blackson adds more depth to the Line. Last year, after switching from a 4-3 to 3-4, the team did not have the essential personnel for the most part. It just so happens that the front 7 tends to be one of the most important parts of a 3-4 defense, too, which should explain some things.

Blackson has a lot of upside as a prospect. Luckily, the Titans have their starters already written in permanent marker for the 2015 season. While Blackson provides depth, he also has time to develop, and can possibly come in situationally and make an impact in some fashion this season.