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2015 NFL Draft results: Titans pick Jalston Fowler

Titans add another piece on offense

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans continue to build around Marcus Mariota. By adding Fowler, they bring in someone who very well could immediately can contribute to the offense. We all know how much coach Ken Whisenhunt believes in rotating his running backs, and this appears to be another piece. While Fowler is listed as a fullback, he is very versatile. Think of Kyle Juszczyk in Baltimore. He can run, block, and even catch the ball.

Ruston Webster said last night that the Titans would add a running back today in all probability. As we should all know by now, what Webster says, he usually ends up doing--he does not play games. After drafting Fowler you have to wonder if Shonn Greene's days in Nashville are numbered. While he is not owed money by a hard, specific, date, he is just not a very good running back anymore.The team does clearly like Antonio Andrews after promoting him in order to keep him away from other teams last year, and this could be a sign of their faith in him.

Fowler Provides a fresh set of young legs, provided that the Titans allow him to run the ball. He can pound it, and can open up holes if he is not running the ball.  Hopefully, with addition of Poutasi, the Titans can actually have a respectable run game this season. With a rookie quarterback, it will be more essential than ever.