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Between The Posts: 2015 Titan Dark Horse?

Who among the little-knowns is poised to make his mark in 2015?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I posed this question last year around this time, and I will do so again tonight. I asked MCM who they thought would be the hidden gem, the dark horse per set, who was poised to break out in 2014. Now, bear in mind, I picked Taylor Thompson out to be a contributor, and he went on to do absolutely nothing before ending the year hurt. Whether the team simply refused to pass the ball his way or he was just not impressive enough to warrant attention is yet unknown.

With a whole new batch of skill players on board on offense, and some solid new additions to the defense, who do you see among the little-knowns as a candidate to break out in 2015?

Personally, I'm going to go with MarQueston Huff on defense, and Jalston Fowler on offense. Huff played some as a rookie last season, and I like his instincts a whole lot. He could be an excellent swing defender in the secondary. Fowler is a movable chess piece for Ken Whisenhunt. He can be a versatile weapon as a runner, blocker, or pass catcher.