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Between The Posts: Most Improved?

Which area of the team will be most improved in 2015?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans poured their attentions into the offensive side of the ball during the draft, significantly bolstering multiple position groups. The team has an answer at Quarterback, added weapons at WR, and a reloaded backfield, among other changes. The defense was augmented during free agency, with the additions of Searcy and Cox to a lackluster secondary. They also brought in Brian Orakpo at linebacker, and will get Zach Brown back after he missed the entirety of the 2014 season.

There is no question that the Titans had a lot to work on this Summer. A 2-14 season is not quickly forgotten, after all. However, I think there is no doubt that they are a better team than when they ended last year. With no significant departures and a injection of young talent throughout the team, the improvements should (key word) yield increased competitiveness this season.

Which of the position groups on the current roster do you think will improve the most in 2015 as compared to their 2014 versions?