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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rookie Notes

Your daily serving of Titan linakge!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Jalston Fowler is supposed to be more than just your run of the mill fullback, being able to play a little TE, RB, and of course, FB. I'm pretty excited for this guy to play.

The Tennessean looks at the the teams in the AFC South and what they did in the draft and free agency. Its really tough to like what the Colts did in the draft. The Jags and Titans had probably the best off seasons, even though I really hated the Jags' first two picks.

Mariota was a little anxious his first practice and that is to be expected. Now the rookies will join the veterans in practice.

PK's mailbag talks about the Mariota vs. Mettenberger "Battle to the Death" and much more.

Did Mariota pass his first tests? Yep. But it will be hard to evaluate until he's in real game scenarios.

Here are a couple interviews and notes from his first day at practice.