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Where do the Titans rank?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We are several weeks removed from the 2015 NFL Draft, so people are starting to look more towards the future and look less at the past. However, just released a ranking of where every team would rank based on Gil Brandt's top 100.

Now, obviously there is an issue here given that it isn't a composite ranking that takes multiple views into account. Having said that, we have all seen draft grades in the past and know they are subjective, but a 1-32 ranking of all the teams is interesting.

Here is what was said about the Titans and where they ranked:

Tennessee Titans rank: 13

"The Titans look to have an excellent value with fifth-round pick David Cobb; he was drafted 138th overall, but was 86th on Brandt's list. Their other three Hot 100 players were a bit overdrafted, though, going by Brandt's rankings: QB Marcus Mariota went second overall, WR Dorial Green-Beckham 40th and OL Jeremiah Poutasi 66th."

Saying a player is overdrafted if it is by just a few spots, is sort of a foolish thing to say. Players are drafted more by range/grade rather than an exact vertical ranking system. This running backs, defensive tackles and wide receivers always slip in the draft. Depth of the class determines where a player is drafted so if the Titans didn't draft DGB, they might have been able to add a higher ranked tight end, but that doesn't make it a better value for the team.

All in all, I have been very vocal about this saying that I think this Titans class has the potential to be the best class in the whole draft if they hit on their boom or bust picks. Honestly, I would rather have a situation like that then a draft class full of mediocre talent that doesn't have a chance to propel this team forward.