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Why the Tennessee Titans will be better in the redzone

A look at the moves the Titans have made

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Tennessee Titans were one of the worst teams in the redzone, and that was in large part do to a lack of any sort of interior run threat. By midseason the Tennessee Titans were using second or third string offensive linemen and running between the tackles with Bishop Sankey.

Now, I still think that Bishop Sankey has the ability to become a good role playing running back that makes his money from 20-to-20, but inside the 20s I think he is out of his element. That is why this year, the Tennessee Titans seemingly focused nearly their entire draft on redzone help.

1st round- Marcus Mariota

Mariota had to be the pick for a lot of reasons, but one area (and there are many) where he could shine earlier than Jameis Winston is in the redzone. Now that the Titans have an athlete of his caliber they can threaten the backside of a defense which hold second-level players for a second as they protect their assignments. If they don't, he can easily keep it and boot backside.

2nd round- Dorial Green-Beckham

Well, any time you add a 6'5"+ receiver to the roster, obviously your first thought is how to use him in the redzone. However, DGB is more than just a giant, he also has dynamic speed and can make people miss on quick passes. Don't be surprised if the TItans run a lot of fades to he and Justin Hunter just so they can counter with a quick pass if they get too much cushion.

3rd round- Jeremiah Poutasi

Poutasi's biggest issue will be how he transitions moving to the right side, not whether he can play outside which he did at the college level. His pass protection is a little disappointing, but if you want a run-first offensive lineman in the redzone this is your guy.

4th round- Jalston Fowler

I just wrote a piece on Fowler that talked about how in 2013 he caught more touchdown passes than Amari Cooper. Fowler is a versatile piece that can either clear a path up the middle, on the outside, run the ball, or catch it on the perimeter. That is more than your average fullback and if he can do everything the Titans think he can then he may be one of the better values in the draft.

5th round- David Cobb

Cobb is an outstanding runner that doesn't get enough credit for what he did against a tough schedule. Cobb is a very fun runner to watch that should be leaps and bounds better inside than what the Titans have had since maybe Eddie George. I don't mean that as a comparison, but when was the last time the Titans had a strong interior runner and Lendale White does not count.

6th round- Andy Gallik

While he is probably the least remembered Tennessee Titans draft pick, he should compete for a starting job day one. Some look at him as a much better version of Barrett Jones from Alabama a few years ago. His hand use and body positioning are second to none in this draft, and while he isn't a mauler I could easily see him having a career like Jeff Saturday's if he lands in the right situation.

7th round- Tre McBride

The best value of the draft likely won't see much time in the redzone so he is an outlier here. However, he is very good at tracking and adjusting to passes on the move, as well as going up and getting the pass despite only being 6'0". If he develops as a route runner, he, DGB, Hunter, Kendall Wright, and Jaelston Fowler could make defenses have to account for five receiving threats on top of Marcus Mariota's legs, which would be a scary assignment.