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Tennessee Titans News Links: The More Things Change...

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are under a new Defensive Coordinator, even if he's not that by name. He will run a lot of the same concepts that Horton ran with the Titans last year. This includes that we will be a predominantly one gapping team.

LeBeau says that a big part of his job will be to test Mariota. He also adds that he's glad he doesn't have to face Mariota on Sundays.

Jason McCourty talks about being coached under legend LeBeau (this narrative is getting it's moneys worth).

Derrick Morgan talks about staying with the Titans and buying into what the coaching staff and rest of the team is selling.

Harry Douglas talks about his transition to the Titans. He's going to be a good leader on this team methinks.

Like I said earlier. LeBeau really wants to push Marcus.

Griffin has dibs on any stuff that Nike sends Mariota that Marcus doesn't want.