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2015 NFL Draft: Dorial Green-Beckham Scouting Report

How will the enigmatic yet talented receiver fare with the Titans?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Player name: Dorial Green-Beckham

H/W: 6'5 237

Position: Receiver

School/Class: Oklahoma/Missouri/Junior

Measureables: 4.49 40, 33.5" vertical jump, 10' broad jump, 4.36 shuttle, 6.89 3 cone drill

The Tape:

vs Kentucky 2013

vs Ole Miss 2013

vs Auburn 2013



  • Athleticism - Two words: Freak athlete. It's not every day that you can find a 6'5 240 receiver who can run a sub 4.5 40. Although it looks slow on tape because DGB is a long strider and not much of the quick twitch athlete variety you typically see in shorter receivers. He's in the mold of a freight train because once he gets going, it's difficult to stop. There's very little wasted motion in his strides and he accelerates with a purpose. Naturally, his strength is a plus and uses it to attack the corner and drive them off the route.
  • Body control/hands - Has excellent body control and will out physical the defensive back for the ball once it reaches the high point. Willing to lay his body on the line every which way to make a catch possible with huge catch radius. Excellent at the high point of the pass. Hands are above average as well although he has a tendency to body catch the ball at times.


  • Character concerns - DGB was relieved of his scholarship at Missouri after several incidents involving marijuana and an alleged "domestic violence" issue. There are varying reports clearing him of wrongdoing in the drug issues but it's a concern of who he chooses to place in his inner circle that led him down that path. However, reports on the domestic issue are very vague so I have no further comment but to place heightened awareness given the current attention paid to such cases in the NFL and the sports landscape. To his credit, he has shown contrition for his mistakes.
  • Rust - How fast can he shake off the rust and become a valuable contributor? A freak athlete like him should have no issues but a year off from football is still a year off from football no matter how good practices are. Dominating practices is one thing but missing a whole season of major Division 1 college football is entirely another.
  • Technique - He isn't the most technically refined receiver and needs some work in that area. Got by on sheer talent alone in college. Needs to learn how to run a full route tree especially given the strict regimented demands on receivers in Ken Whisenhunt's system. Frequently cuts routes short and footwork is a little questionable (although Missouri QBs were below average and the plays were throw it up to DGB to see if he can make a play variety). He isn't the greatest run blocker in the world either. It seems like he has little interest in the art or wasn't taught correctly. The tape consists of him completely whiffing or half heartedly engaging the blocker, only to see his assignment blow up the play.

Additional notes:

I watched the Kentucky and Ole Miss tapes the most as those two defenses presented the biggest challenges for DGB. Admittedly, Kentucky's defense doesn't have the best athletes but is very fundamentally sound as previously mentioned on this site. He simply dominated the Wildcats at every turn. Ole Miss had better talent in their secondary (at the time) and is well coached. He didn't fare so well against the Rebels as he did against the Wildcats. The numbers against Auburn in the SEC title game, however gaudy they may seem, came against a very poor defense that was hemorrhaging points and yards at a ghastly rate. Likewise for Texas A&M. Here's an interesting story detailing his life's journey up until the draft

Final Summary

I loved this pick not for the prospect alone but how the Titans got him even after trading down from the 33rd overall pick. DGB has the potential to become a bigger and faster Andre Johnson. He's a quarterback's dream of a receiver from a physical standpoint but can he put it all together mentally and more refined in technique? As for the off field issues, all indications point to them being behind him. I believe that he should've initially gone elsewhere for college instead of staying with home state Missouri. In some cases, a recruit should get away from the pressures of home if able and grow up away from all of that. DGB is that case. The year off seemed to have humbled him and it could be to the Titans' benefit to get a hungry player who knows what it's like to have it all taken away. I do hope that his incidents were youthful indiscretions and nothing more. From all accounts, he's a good person who rose from very humble beginnings to the inevitable fallibility of superstardom of a star recruit and college athlete.

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