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Between The Posts: Mariota's Year One Expectations

How do you see his rookie season playing out?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the draft dust has settled and the Titans rookie selections have been pored over, it's time to inject a healthy dose of reality as well as some well-justified optimism. Whether you are a fan of it or not, Marcus Mariota will ultimately decide where this franchise goes in the next five years, whether they ascend back to that playoff arena that ownership and fans so desperately crave.

So after you've read every report under the sun on the Oregon arm, has your perception of him changed? While we won't know until we actually see him compete on an NFL gridiron, I think the renewed sense of optimism in Nashville is well warranted. Critics of Mariota's game focus on the negatives associated with the system he came from, and how much adjustment he will have to make to translate his game to the NFL. I give these reports more credence than those who say he can't throw with anticipation, for instance. In the end of the day, there really aren't any rookie QB's that you could say are faultless, and Mariota certainly has work to do to get this Titans team pointing in the right direction again, but after watching all the tape and the interviews and projecting him within this Tennessee offense, I am officially excited.

Fireworks may not happen right away with the decorated QB, but I am confident that he can make his presence felt in the NFL, and bring back the Titans from the proverbial abyss. What are your expectations in year 1?