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Tennessee Titans News Links: Consensus?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

What did the other AFC South Beat writers think of the Titans draft? They pretty much unanimously liked the Mariota pick, but the Jags writer didn't like the rest of our draft outside of Cobb.

McShay says that the Titans will pick Laremy Tunsil with the 4th pick of the 2016 draft. I know football outsiders is the company ranking the Titans 4th worst, I would be very surprised if the Titans had a top 6 pick in next years draft.

Less White jerseys, the better. The Titans will wear the Navy jerseys at home and the light blue will hopefully fill in the gaps.

Here is Paul Kuharsky's weekly twitter mailbag.

Taylor Lewan can't wait for his second season as a pro.

Despite what some people may think, Whisenhunt is going to adjust his ways for Marcus.

Croom talks working with Fowler and Cobb at the Senior Bowl.

Jim Wyatt talks about why you should be excited about the Titans and their draft and also gives 3 question marks.