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Tennessee Titans receivers are nothing to scoff at

Why Tampa Bay is getting too much love for their receivers.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans had a great rookie year and Vincent Jackson is a very good receiver, but this narrative that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a vastly superior group of offensive weapons compared to the Tennessee Titans has gone on long enough.

While the Bucs may have a more proven top two, there group as a whole isn't vastly better than the Titans roster. In fact, from receivers (wide receivers and tight ends) one to four, they might be worse. Here is a look at how they stack up:

1st Receiver

Mike Evans: 68 receptions, 1051 yards, 12 TDs


Delanie Walker: 63 receptions, 890 yards, 4 TDs

This one is a clear nod to the Bucs. Mike Evans was a devastating rookie and was a great target in the redzone for Tampa Bay. While both were very good, Evans was better.

2nd Receiver

Vincent Jackson: 70 receptions, 1002 yards, 2 TDs


Kendall Wright: 57 receptions, 715 yards, 6 TDs

This one is closer than it looks on paper to me. While Vincent Jackson was fed more than Kendall Wright, he was far less effective in the redzone and didn't score often. Kendall Wright was very effective last year and I think that, while Jackson wins this round it was by no means a blowout.

3rd receiver

Louis Murphy: 31 receptions, 380 yards, 2 TDs


Harry Douglas: 51 receptions, 556, 2 TDs

On a team dominated by Julio Jones (104/1593/6) it was hard for Douglas to get catches. However, that should change with a more balanced offensive attack. This wouldn't have been fair to plug in Douglas's 2014 numbers had Justin Hunter not missed multiple games with a severe injury or had the Titans not drafted Dorial Green-Beckham who would likely occupy either this or the #4 receiver spot for Tennessee.

4th receiver

Austin Seferian-Jenkins: 21 receptions, 221 yards, 2 TDs


Justin Hunter: 28 receptions, 498 yards, 3 TDs

This is another matchup in favor of the Titans. Justin Hunter is one of three names that could end up finishing as the fourth best target for Marcus Mariota this year. Despite only playing 75% of last season, Hunter still ended up with some decently impressive numbers. If he and Dorial Green-Beckham can live up to their potentials, this team could have a dangerous group of pass catchers.


While I scored it 2-2 there are several other ways you could look at this. Either way, the point of this exercise was to show that while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have a superior one-two punch, the top-to-bottom offensive roster of the Tennessee Titans is more complete.

If Dorial Green-Beckham (6'5") and Justin Hunter (6'4") both end up starting on the outside of this offense, then they could potentially be every bit as good as the Bucs combination of 6'5" receivers.

All in all, the Titans should be ecstatic that they have such a talented group to work with and it may be the decision between which quarterback wins rookie of the year.