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Who the Tennessee Titans should add to replace Kamerion Wimbley

Another vet would be great.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Count me among the group that thought that Kamerion Wimbley was going to come in and be a very solid 8-12 sack per year guy when the Tennessee Titans signed him. Fast forward to today and the Tennessee Titans are now looking for his replacement after a very disappointing few seasons.

This should be seen as a blessing rather than a curse (which I will talk about below) and the Tennessee Titans should cast an eye towards free agency to see if there is someone they would like to add. According to PFF and my opinion, the player that should replace Wimbley in Tennessee is...

Dwight Freeney

That is right, my favorite veteran free agent pass rusher (not named James Harrison) Dwight Freeney. The former Indianapolis Colt and San Diego Charger is the top rated edge rusher left in free agency and he is the perfect upgrade from Kamerion Wimbley in Tennessee and here is why:

1. With the NFL draft over and no big name pass rusher drafted, the Tennessee Titans aren't locking anyone in as the primary backup for Brian Orakpo or Derrick Morgan.

2. This isn't a low risk move, it is a no risk move. All the Titans are doing here is filling a hole with someone in free agency, they just happen to do it with one of the best pass rushers of the last decade.

3. He won't be expensive, and even if he was the Titans could afford it. After drafting Marcus Mariota and not trading down, the Titans avoided taking on expensive contracts so they have money to spend.

4. He was ranked ninth in pass rush productivity by 3-4 EDGE players according to PFF.

Sign this man, it isn't a hard decision. If he doesn't work out, what are the Titans losing? They can offer him exactly what Kamerion Wimbley was going to make, and all he would have to do to match his production is get two sacks which is a mark Dwight Freeney has only missed once in his 13 year career.