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Grade The Jeremiah Poutasi Pick

How are you feeling about the most recent Titans addition?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

This was a pick that made a lot of us think. With other names on the board, especially along the offensive line, this was probably the most questioned pick by the Titans so far this draft.

One thing to remember is the Marqueston Huff pick last season. I know that I personally did not like the pick at the time. However, he turned out to be a very solid pick by the team and a piece that will be around for a while, presumably. Obviously these are completely different positions, but Poutasi, like Huff, is a versatile player, who has his limitations, but also has a niche. He is a very powerful blocker.

My hope is that Poutasi can start at right tackle. For years, we have talked about how we wanted mean, nasty, David-Stewart like offensive linemen. With Poutasi being a mauler, maybe we got just that. If he cannot start right away, he at least provides another capable body along the line. Considering what we just saw getting trotted out onto the field at the end of last season, this is a positive.

Overall, I give the Titans a C with this pick. While it is nothing to be too down on, and there are possible positives, I am not in love. What say you?