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2015 NFL Draft 2nd Round Schedule: Dates, Times, and TV Broadcast Details

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The NFL Draft continues tonight at 6 PM central.  It will once again be televised on ESPN and the NFL Network.  Tonight is big for the Titans.  They have the first pick of the night and the second pick of the third round.  Will Ruston Webster try to turn one of those picks into extra picks?  He said this afternoon on The Midday 180 that he has already heard from 4 teams.  Or does he have a couple of guys that he really likes that are sliding down the draft board?  We will find out soon enough.

Use this thread to discuss the draft as it unfolds tonight.  Just like last night we will have a new post when the Titans make a pick and an approval poll for that pick.

Here is everything you need to know about watching the draft tonight and tomorrow:

Rounds Two and Three - Friday, May 1st

6:00 PM Central

Everything gets going an hour earlier on Friday so the league can fit two rounds of the draft into Prime Time. The second round will have seven minutes per pick, and the third round five minutes (with the exception of the three compensatory picks after the third round, which get four minutes each).

Rounds Four through Seven - Saturday, May 2nd

11:00 AM Central

On Saturday, the draft wraps up with the final four rounds. ESPN is showing just the draft itself, as it has other non-NFL-specific programming (read: lots and lots of SportsCenter) planned for the morning. Picks in rounds four through six are five minutes each, while the seventh round and all compensatory picks are four minutes apiece.