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Mel Kiper NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Marcus Mariota goes second, possibly to the Titans

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has released his latest mock draft (In$ider), and he has jumped on the Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon, to the Titans...or at least to someone with the 2nd pick.  The rumors (more on those later today here at MCM) are swirling around this pick. The Titans seem to be the team that everyone is watching right now because they hold the cards.

I think at this point the either have to take Mariota or trade the pick.  It seems like that is where the best value is.  The debate is in which strategy holds more value.  You better believe that is what Ruston Webster is losing sleep over right now.  The good news is that we will have the answer 3 weeks from tonight.  It cannot get here soon enough.

Here are Kiper's comments on the pick:

Reminder: I don't project trades here. But in talking to people inside and outside the league, my sense is that Mariota is likely to be taken here -- it's just hard to say which team is making the pick. Yes, it could be Tennessee, but it could be a handful of other teams if a deal gets done. (San Diego, the Jets, Chicago, St. Louis ... many have been named as possible fits.) As I've said before, I think Mariota has done as much as he can to show he wasn't just a system guy at Oregon. I wouldn't want to start him right away in 2015, but you can't question Mariota's physical profile or his potential to improve and grow as an NFL quarterback given his attitude and work habits.