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Tennessee Titans News Links: Flip Flop

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin White entered this year as somewhat of an unknown. Since the game against Alabama to kick off the college football season he's gone from dark horse 1st rounder to top WR in this class. On the flip side, I think Amari Cooper has gone from overrated (top 2 selection some people had him) to fantastically underrated (his smoothness makes some people think he's not explosive). I like both prospects and I think they will both succeed (as will a personal favorite of mine, Devante Parker) at the next level. Kevin White visited the Titans and he had a very good visit.

Marv has been in charge of a great deal of recent Titans picks since he's the West regional scout. Locker, Ayers, Verner, Casey and Sankey were all prospects in his territory.

I like the idea of signing Barksdale and Wisnewski so that we don't have to make sure we draft a RT/G in the draft, but I also understand what PK is saying about waiting.

Mariota is Mayock's QB1. This is the correct ranking.

Quote of the Day: "Talent works, genius creates." -Robert Schumann