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Devin Funchess 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report; Could He Bid a Mid-Round Steal for the Titans?

Funchess offers a big target, but can he separate at the next level?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


Wide Receiver




6'4, 232 pounds


Devin Funchess is a converted tight end that is going to offer you size at the wide receiver position.  He isn't going to win with speed, but he has length and is an imposing figure to opposing smaller defensive backs.  Funchess will be an instant mismatch because of his size alone.

Funchess isn't great on the move, but he's fluid enough to get by.  He moves like a power forward, but he's graceful enough to make some nice catches above defenders.  The play below is an out route going against a cover two zone.  Funchess hits the soft spot in the defense between the corner and safety and makes a great adjustment to a ball that was a little high.  He shows enough body control to haul in the ball and still manage to get a foot down in bounds.

Funchess isn't going to beat anyone deep, but he can still provide a vertical threat.  He's likely going to make his money along the seams at the next level.  Watch him on the play below.  The route isn't very good by any means, but Funchess boxes out the defender and grabs the ball away from his frame.


Funchess is heavy footed and still moves like a tight end at times.  He isn't very quick in and out of his cuts and will struggle to separate because of this.  He tends to round off his routes instead of making a clean, crisp break.  When he does have to make a cut, Funchess tends to give it away with his head and body movements.  He has outstanding length, but he doesn't always use it.  Without great route running, he must learn to maximize his size on every play to be a difference maker.  You can say this about a lot of receivers, but he will have to show more consistency in his hands.  He made several circus catches, but he also had his fair share of ugly drops.


Devin Funchess is a really interesting evaluation, considering that he played mainly as a tight end at Michigan.  He doesn't have the acceleration or quick feet, but he does have the size and ability to go get the football.  There are very few receivers that have been successful at his size without great movement skills.  The guys at do incredible work and came up with a few comparisons for Funchess here.  This isn't to say Funchess can't succeed, he just needs to learn some of the subtleties of the position.

Draft Projection

Mid to late 2nd