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MCM Radio: Titan(ic) Shifts And More NFL Draft Updates

Live tonight at 8:00 CDT!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL Draft just over three weeks away, the rumors, news, smoke screens and chaff are getting whipped into a frenzy. So where's a Titans fan to turn for unvarnished, unbiased insight?

Hell if we know... until then MCM Radio is back to give you all the latest news and insight that Titans fans can't afford to miss out on! On tonight's show we'll be discussing the latest visits to Nashville by draft prospects, free agency news that could have a huge impact on the offensive line, who's rising and falling now that most of the pro days have wrapped up and much more!

It all starts tonight at 8:00 pm Central, so be sure to join us for the live broadcast and chat room. You can also be sure that you never miss a show by subscribing to the podcast via iTunes. You'll even get our exclusive post-show bonus discussion that takes place after the live stream ends.

Did you miss last week's live Mock Draft episode? Stream it below, then be sure to sit down and re-evaluate your priorities so it doesn't happen again!

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