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Tennessee Titans News Links: Not The Same

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Simms says the Titans should stay away from drafting Marcus Mariota. Why? Because Jake Locker didn't fit in the Titans offense. Ummmmmmmmmmm.. what? In no world are these two similar. Locker had accuracy problems. Mariota does not. Locker couldn't win in the pocket and when a read or play became muddied, he'd panic and make a bad decision with the football or he'd take off. Mariota wins in the pocket, and uses his legs to extend plays and only takes off if all his reads are covered. They are nowhere near the same QB and I think it is pretty unfair to compare them.

Mariota is used to more play action than the Titans would use says PK.

Lord have mercy on all of us if this happens.

Here is a good video of Marcus Mariota in Jon Gruden's QB Camp. He runs Gruden's favorite play, "Spider Y 2 Banana."

Quote of the Day: "When in doubt, do it." -Wendell Oliver