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Between The Posts: Break Out Or Peter Out?

Which Titan needs to make some moves in 2015?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL draft on our doorstep and the Titans holding onto a coveted #2 overall selection, its natural that the lion's share of our attention has been cast in that direction of late. But there is plenty of introspection to be done in Nashville at present. The team find themselves still needing help in many positions they have invested heavily in over the last few years. Those investments came in the form of high draft picks and cumbersome contracts. The offensive line has been largely ineffectual, and the team is still looking for stalwarts on the interior and at tackle. The team is no closer to finding a true #2 corner than they were a season ago, either. But nowhere is the sting of the Titan's current "needs list" felt greater than at wide receiver.

The team made Kendall Wright their first round choice several years back, and whether because of QB inconsistency or not, he hasn't progressed past his impressive first seasons. In fact, he seems more neutered than empowered. He spent much of las t year falling down, and nlt enough time catching TD passes and crucial third down strikes. The team also spent a high pick on Justin Hunter, who has failed to match up to the lofty praise placed on him prior to the draft. Randy Moss and AJ Green he is not. In two years he has failed to crack 50 total receptions and 1000 yards, and has been wildly inconsistent (and surprisingly poor at winning jump balls). More than Wright, it is Hunter's poor form that now has Titans faithful and draftniks alike pointing out the team's need out wide.

Its up to Hunter to catch fire in year 3. Odds are that his future is not bright if he can't.