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NFL Draft 2015: Leonard Williams to visit the Titans

The Tennessee Titans are bringing in Leonard Williams, who some consider to be the best player in the draft, for a visit.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Jim Wyatt reported on Twitter earlier today that Leonard Williams will be visiting the Titans later this week.  Williams is still the odds on favorite in my mind to be the pick for the Titans if they pick at #2.  I still don't see them being in love with Marcus Mariota.

I am sure Williams will be a really good player, but you have to go with Mariota if you think he has a chance to be a franchise guy.  We have been over the before, but here we go one more time....Williams isn't J.J. Watt, and the team that has Watt still isn't good enough because they don't have a quarterback.  That would be the case here as well.  Sure, having Williams would be nice, but this still isn't a good enough team to really win anything until they get that quarterback.

Some people don't believe this line of reasoning, but everyone should because it is the truth.