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Tennessee Titans News Links: Back and Forth

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Back and forth go the mock drafters. Last week they chose Mariota over Williams for the Titans. Now it is Williams over Mariota with some Fowler splashed in there. I don't think they could go wrong with Williams or Mariota, it really comes down to how they feel about Mariota over Mett. If the margin between the two is minimal, then Williams or trading back becomes the pick. If they feel like Mariota is transcendent, then he becomes the pick. As I've said before, I'd really like to get one of those top 3 receivers along with Mariota or Williams.

Mike Yowarsky is the latest Titan's scout highlighted by Paul Kuharsky. Paul does a good job like he has on all of these, breaking down some hits and misses. I really didn't realize Mike and Webster had been together for so long.

Here is the offseason calendar for the Titans. Again, the draft cannot come soon enough.

Quote of the Day: "We are wiser than we know." -Ralph Waldo Emerson